Queer Eye Casting Questionnaire


Welcome to my ‘Queer Eye Casting Questionnaire’ page for David Raftery. This fabulous page is here to share the questionnaire that was submitted to the Fab 5! 

Submitted Questionnaire

1. Full names and ages of both the nominator and hero

Nominator Name: Matthew Mansfield
Nominator Age: 42
Hero Name: David Raftery
Hero Age: 36

2. Current City/State for both the nominator and hero
We work in Tempe, Arizona, USA

3.  Recent photos for both the nominator and hero
A picture of me and my service dog
A picture of David
David performing (on the right)

4. Phone Number and Email addresses for the nominator
Nominator Email: [BLANK FOR WEBSITE]
Nominator Cell: [BLANK FOR WEBSITE]
5. Background information on how you know your hero!
I met David when my fiancee and I decided to try something new post-COVID lockdown and signed up for improv classes. A new, small, community theater near our house, called the Bridge Improv Theater, is where this journey began in the summer of 2021. David is one of the owners of the theater and also the instructor for our Improv 1 class. I honestly have not known David for long, but we had an instant connection. After his business partner moved out-of-state, the struggles of running a theater started to clearly take a toll on David. He and I bonded over discussions about what the theater needs and how to improve the space and market the theater to get more patrons through the doors. I can only help so much, though, as I have a family and other responsibilities, and David is not currently financially capable of hiring anyone to help. The stress is clearly starting to show in David, and all those who volunteer at the theater, including myself, can see it and feel it and want to help, but are not sure exactly how. 

6. Please provide us with a brief description of your heroes story. Ex – What is their current situation? What do they do for a living? Do they have children, a spouse, etc?
For his full-time work, David is co-owner of and runs the improv theater. His business partner moved away, so all of the day-to-day responsibilities of the theater have fallen on David. He teaches classes, organizes the shows, and is one of the mainstage performers. David has JUST now started to receive a small income from the theater, but money is very tight for him. David has a girlfriend (Jess Klemm, photo attached), who helps David run the theater, but she currently makes no money from the theater, so she works a few odds and ends jobs. David and Jess live together in a small apartment, they do not have children but they do have a cat together. 

7. How could your hero use help in the following categories:
– Mostly eats junk food that is sold at the theater
– Has never been seen in anything but a Bridge Improv Theater t-shirt, and will gladly tell anyone that he would wear sweatpants everyday if he could (Jess is the only reason he does not)
– Does not have a good relationship with his family, even with his twin sister
– The theater could really use some help. The patron seats are hard plastic Ikea chairs and are very uncomfortable.
– For being a public performer, you might think David would care more about his appearance, but he does not. He is often disheveled and he NEVER smiles out of self-consciousness about his teeth. 

8. Any important events coming up in your hero’s life that they need to prepare for?
The one year anniversary of the theater’s opening is coming up in March- a big party and improv shows are being planned to celebrate.
9. Why NOW is it so important that your hero gets help from the Fab 5? What is at stake for them?
It is so important for David to get help NOW because the theater’s lease is coming up this summer and we are not sure if David will be able to renew it without some assistance. The Fab 5 can help get him on the right track physically, and most importantly, emotionally to be able to carry on this wonderful community theater David has built.
10. Links to social media for both the nominator and hero (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube).
David Raftery:          Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-raftery-7ab689212
Work Website: https://www.bridgeimprovtheater.com/
Matthew Mansfield:  Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/matthew-l-mansfield
Personal Website: www.matthewmansfield.me

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